Book Exchange

Book Exchange

Pay Less for Books at Bogart’s Book Exchange

(Wind Chimes Book Exchange)

Used Books without Credit are 50% OffExample
All our used books sell for one half the original price $4.95
(the price printed on the cover or back of the book. x50%
$2.48 you pay
How to Trade in Your BooksExample
Bring in your books. We add up all the prices and give $4.95
You 75% of that amount in credit. Then you get to take $4.95
Out used books up to the amount of your credit and you $4.95
Only have to pay 25% of the original price in cash $4.95
If you don’t use all your credit while you’re here we will
Give you a credit slip to use when you come in again. $19.80
There’s no time limit on credit slips. They’re good until x 75%
You use them up! $14.85 credit received

When you trade in Your Books

Used Books are 75% Off!

If you trade in books, then you can only have to pay 25% of the original price in cash. That’s 75% off the original price! (As long as you have enough trade in credit to cover the cost of the book).

Trade in These Books

We will take nearly any book in paperback. In the hardback we will take any book that tells how to do anything; cookbooks repair manuals, craft books, art books etc. We will also take hardbacks by authors that we don’t have enough of in paperback. We do not accept more than 2 medium size boxes/bags at a time and we do not accept books that are stamped “NO TRADE-IN”.

Please Trade In These Books

  • Mass Market Paperbacks
  • Books on Tape or CD
  • Repair Manuals
  • Arts & Crafts
  • Music CDs & Tapes
  • Local History
  • Antiques/Collectibles
  • DVD’s & VHS Tapes
  • Classics
  • Sheet Music
  • Bibles & Commentaries
  • Children’s Books
  • Readers Digest How To’s
  • Cliff Notes
  • Field Guides

We Don’t Take These Books

  • Most Fiction Hardbacks
  • Readers Digest Condensed
  • Most Magazines
  • Textbooks
  • Encyclopedias
  • Romance Under $3.00
  • Moldy, Torn, Chewed
  • Books without Covers

We Order New Books, Send Faxes and Offer Free Wireless Internet in the Store
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